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מסרים חיובים

מסרים חיוביים לתקווה ואופטימיות

Get a daily dose of positivity and optimism with מסרים חיובים (Positive Messages). This app provides uplifting and inspiring messages to start your day with energy and hope. Whether you need a boost of motivation or want to brighten someone else's day, מסרים חיובים has you covered. Simply ask for something uplifting or inspiring, and the app will deliver a positive message to help you stay hopeful and optimistic. So, are you ready for some positivity?

Learn how to use מסרים חיובים effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Tell me something uplifting."

  2. Prompt 2: "Write something inspirational."

  3. Prompt 3: "How can I start the day with positive energy?"

Features and commands

  1. Tool 1 - DALLE: This tool generates creative and uplifting text or images based on the given prompts. You can use it to generate positive messages or inspiring content.

    • Command: generate_text(prompt)
    • Description: Generates a positive and optimistic message based on the given prompt.
    • Example: generate_text("Write something motivational")
  2. Tool 2 - Browser: This tool provides access to a web browser. You can use it to search for uplifting content, read inspirational stories, or find positive quotes.

    • Command: search(query)
    • Description: Performs a search on the web based on the given query and returns uplifting results.
    • Example: search("uplifting stories")
  3. Tool 3 - Browser: This tool also provides access to a web browser. You can use it to find positive news articles, watch motivational videos, or explore websites that promote optimism.

    • Command: browse(url)
    • Description: Navigates to the given URL in the web browser and displays uplifting content.
    • Example: browse("https://www.positive.news/")
  4. Tool 4 - DALLE: This tool is similar to Tool 1 and generates creative and positive text or images. You can use it to create motivational quotes or generate optimistic messages.

    • Command: generate_image(prompt)
    • Description: Generates an uplifting image based on the given prompt.
    • Example: generate_image("Create an inspiring quote")
  5. Tool 5 - Python: This tool allows the execution of Python code. You can use it to perform custom operations or implement additional functionalities related to positive messages.

    • Command: custom_operation()
    • Description: Executes a custom Python code for generating or manipulating positive messages.
    • Example: custom_operation()
  6. Tool 6 - Python: This tool is another Python execution environment. You can utilize it to run specific Python code for tasks related to positive messages.

    • Command: custom_operation()
    • Description: Executes custom Python code to perform operations specific to positive messages.
    • Example: custom_operation()

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