Logo and icon for Sclépios I.A : Cas Complexe, a GPT with description: Le GPT de Sclépios IA éclaire les soignants sur les cas complexes, apportant une aide décisive au diagnostic. Plus sur sclepios-mobile.com.. Find out more on Plugin Surf, the best ChatGPT database.

Sclépios I.A : Cas Complexe

Le GPT de Sclépios IA éclaire les soignants sur les cas complexes, apportant une aide décisive au diagnostic. Plus sur sclepios-mobile.com.

Sclépios I.A: Cas Complexe is an AI-powered app designed to assist healthcare professionals with complex diagnostic cases. With the help of the GPT technology, this app provides valuable insights and helps doctors make more informed diagnoses. Whether it's identifying conditions like DRESS, purpura thrombotique thrombopénique, coma myxoedémateux, or porphyrie, Sclépios I.A is there to support medical practitioners. Accessible through sclepios-mobile.com, this app combines advanced natural language processing capabilities and medical expertise to provide a decisive aid in diagnosing complex cases. Say hello to a helping hand in the world of medicine!

Learn how to use Sclépios I.A : Cas Complexe effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Comment diagnostiquer un DRESS ?"

  2. Prompt 2: "Quand évoquer une porphyrie ?"

  3. Prompt 3: "Comment diagnostiquer un purpura thrombotique thrombopénique ?"

  4. Prompt 4: "Quand évoquer un coma myxoedémateux ?"

Features and commands

gzm_cnf_LgS9m8zSK7mT4bV3SZD6QkIS~gzm_tool_xwr3bFbKTdF3nxnkm4MN49hmThis command utilizes the DALLE tool to provide insights and guidance for diagnosing complex cases. It offers assistance in making diagnoses for various medical conditions.
gzm_cnf_LgS9m8zSK7mT4bV3SZD6QkIS~gzm_tool_4fCQVquNvTHv42RJ34jIFQ50This command uses the Python tool to perform specific actions or computations related to complex diagnosis cases. It provides additional functionalities and resources for in-depth analysis.
gzm_cnf_LgS9m8zSK7mT4bV3SZD6QkIS~gzm_tool_tvWJqrN57t46IGfzzWPiUshLThis command involves the browser tool, which enables access to web-based information, references, or other external resources that can aid in understanding and diagnosing complex cases.

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