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Vet Benefits Coach

I'm your coach for benefits filing!

Vet Benefits Coach is a helpful app that guides you through the process of filing for benefits. Whether you're unsure how to start filing, need assistance understanding eligibility for benefits, or need help with specific forms, this app is here for you. Just ask your questions and Vet Benefits Coach will provide you with the information and explanations you need. Plus, it has access to valuable knowledge related to benefits filing. Keep in mind that it's a specialty GPT, so some mistakes may occur. Don't worry, it can't speak for the VA, but it will do its best to assist you!

Learn how to use Vet Benefits Coach effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "How do I start filing for benefits?"

  2. Prompt 2: "What benefits am I eligible for?"

  3. Prompt 3: "Can you explain this form to me?"

  4. Prompt 4: "I'm stuck on this application, what should I do?"

Command names and descriptions

  1. Start filing: This command provides instructions on how to begin the process of filing for benefits.

  2. Eligibility check: This command helps users determine what benefits they are eligible for based on their specific circumstances.

  3. Form explanation: This command provides an explanation or clarification for a specific form involved in the benefits filing process.

  4. Application assistance: This command offers guidance and support if a user encounters difficulties or gets stuck while filling out an application.

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