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Present It: ShowME

PPTX Presentation generator, create slides easily! Generates a downloadable document.

Present It: ShowME is a PPTX Presentation generator plugin that allows users to easily create slides for their presentations. With this plugin, users can specify the content, structure, background, and font of their slides. It offers a variety of layouts to choose from, including title/subtitle, big text, bottom title/subtitle, comparison, detailed comparison, thanks for watching, and more. Users can also add images and text to the slides, with different placeholders available. The plugin generates a downloadable document of the presentation, making it a convenient tool for creating professional and engaging slides.

Learn how to use Present It: ShowME effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "I would like to create a presentation about new technology trends. Can you help me with that?"

  2. Prompt 2: "I need a presentation on the benefits of exercise. Can you guide me through the process?"

  3. Prompt 3: "I want to create a presentation on the history of art. What layout options do I have?"

  4. Prompt 4: "Can you assist me in creating a presentation about renewable energy sources?"

  5. Prompt 5: "I need a presentation on the impact of social media on society. What colors should I use for the background?"

Features and commands

new presentationUse this command to initiate a new presentation. You need to include the style of the presentation, including the font name and font color.
add slideThis command allows you to add a slide to the presentation. You need to provide the value, which is the unique identifier of the presentation, along with the slide number, layout, content, and whether it is the last slide. The content should match the elements specified in the layout description.
slide layout optionsUse this command to explore different layout options available for slides. The layout determines the arrangement of titles, content, and graphics on a slide. Each layout has different elements and their order should be followed when providing content.
change styleThis command allows you to modify the style parameters of the presentation, such as font and font color.

Note: The provided documentation contains technical language and specific format requirements for making requests to the plugin.


User authenticationNo user authentication
API documentation

For AI

DescriptionYou need to Create a good and detailed pptx presentation, before before initializing the presentation, you MUST to ask what the user wants to see in the presentation, what pictures, the structure of the slides, background, font etc. after this you must use different layouts, images. use at least 2 images, if the user did not specify how many slides should be, then you need to create at least 10 slides 1) before generating slides, to initialise presentation YOU MUST SEND A REQUEST with only - 'value': 'new', 'style': style dict (when you send color you MUST reformat user specified color to FORMAT LIKE 'rrr, ggg, bbb') after that YOU MUST GET VALUE from the plugin's RESPONSE 2) and after that YOU MUST send this value with all another requests like 'value': <value, not 'new'> ONLY AFTER THIS request you need to add slides. to add slide you need send request to plugin with: a) value: <value, NOT 'new'> b) slide: slide number, starting at 0 c) 'layout': 'number'. you need to use different layouts: you need to choose and combine different layouts for plans, images, texts, comparisons and so on you need to use detailed text in such elements like big text, bottom sobtitle, columns (up to 80 characters) 0 only [title, subtitle] 1 only [title, big text] 2 only [bottom title, bottom subtitle] 3 only (usage: comparison) [title, left big text column, right big text column] 4 only (usage: detailed comparison) [title, left title, text left, right title, text right] 5 only (usage: thanks for watching) [only title] 7 only [left title, center text, left text] - only in layouts 3 and 7 you can insert image instead of text, into any placeholders except title, for this you need to insert text '<search: image search keywords>' layouts that start with '2_' contain graphics BUT you CANNOT use pictures in these templates max content text length = 32 characters max titles text length = 16 characters 2_2 (usage: 5 benefits and titles) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, title.5, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4, Content.5] 2_3 (usage: 4 elements and titles) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4] 2_4 (usage: 4 steps plan ) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4] 2_6 (usage: 4 steps) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4] 2_5 (usage: 6 benefits and 4 steps pyramid) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, title.5, title.6, pyramid.1 (max 10 characters, 1 line), pyramid.2 (2 lines, 20 characters per line), pyramid.3 (first line max 18 characters, second line max 25 characters) , pyramid.4 (3 lines, 30 characters per line)] e) content: [content list] there MUST be a list with ONLY elements that are described in the LAYOUT DESCRIPTION ONLY in the ORDER in which they are described in the layout description and the number of elements MUST BE EXACTLY the SAME as in the layout description f) REQUIRED!!! 'last': this is last slide? true or false. if an error occurs while creating a presentation - you need to initialize a new presentation and start again, excluding possible errors


First added1 September 2023


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