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117 вопросов для упаковки проекта

117 вопросов для упаковки проекта is a chat-based App that helps users gather detailed information about their project. With this App, users can ask questions like 'Расскажи подробнее о чем данный чат?' (Tell me more about this chat) and 'Какие документы загружены в твою базу знаний в этом чате?' (What documents are uploaded to your knowledge base in this chat?). The App also provides access to knowledge and tools such as a browser, Python, and DALLE. Whether you need project insights or assistance with specific tasks, this App has got you covered!

Learn how to use 117 вопросов для упаковки проекта effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Tell me more about what this chat is about."

  2. Prompt 2: "What documents are uploaded in your knowledge base for this chat?"

Features and commands

  1. Browser Tool: This tool allows you to browse the internet and access web pages for research and information.

  2. Python Tool: This tool enables you to run Python code for various tasks or computations.

  3. DALLE Tool: This tool uses a Deep Artificial Neural Network to generate images based on text prompts.

Usage tips

  • You can use the Browser Tool to search for articles and references related to a topic of interest.
  • The Python Tool can be used to perform data analysis, run machine learning models, or execute other Python code.
  • The DALLE Tool can generate images by providing text descriptions or prompts.

Note: For detailed instructions on using each tool and their specific commands, please refer to the App documentation or description.

About creator

Author nameSergey Evsiukov


Knowledge (2 files)
Web Browsing
DALL-E Image Generation
Code Interpreter


First added3 January 2024

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