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44. 문제 해결 컨설턴트

해결하고 싶은 문제나 고민을 알려주세요. 해결에 딱 맞는 생각과 해결책을 제안해 드립니다!

This GPT, named "44. 문제 해결 컨설턴트," is designed to help solve problems and offer solutions. Simply specify your problem, and it will suggest the appropriate idea or strategy. It does not utilize any specific tools or have access to specific knowledge.

Learn how to use 44. 문제 해결 컨설턴트 effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Interacting with a Custom GPT

Custom GPTs are powerful tools that can help you solve problems and answer questions you might come across in your daily life. By interacting with a Custom GPT, you can gain valuable information and insights that can help you make more informed decisions.

Example Prompts

Some example prompts you can use with a Custom GPT include:

  1. "I want to understand more about machine learning and its applications."
  2. "I need help finding information about the latest advances in renewable energy technology."
  3. "I want to learn more about how genomics is being used to diagnose and treat diseases."


Custom GPTs may also provide you with an option to enter commands that allow you to perform specific tasks. These commands can vary depending on the GPT's capabilities and the type of information you are looking for. Here are some example commands that might be available:

  1. "search '<keyword>'": This command allows you to search for information on a specific topic. For example, if you enter the command "search 'machine learning applications'", the GPT will provide you with a list of resources related to the topic.
  2. "show me examples of <ounces><liquid>=1000g": This command provides you with examples of measurements that equal 1000g.
  3. "provide an overview of genetic testing and its implications": This command asks the GPT to provide an overview of genetic testing, including its benefits and potential implications.

Features and Commands

Specific features and commands of the custom gpt can be obtained by exploring the GPT documentation and description. The documentation should contain information on how to use the GPT, what types of questions it can answer, and what types of information it can provide. Additionally, the documentation may also provide an overview of the various tools and technologies used by the GPT, as well as their capabilities and limitations.

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