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Create ACA Ads

ACA Ads is a GPT designed to help users create ads for advertising campaigns. While it doesn't have access to knowledge outside its programming, it provides a range of tools to help users create ads that are on-brand and appealing to audiences. It's perfect for businesses or individuals looking to promote their products or services and create impactful ads.

Learn how to use ACA Ads effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

ACA Ads GPT Guide

Important: Before using ACA Ads GPT, make sure to read the Zotero and ArXiv GPT guide as ACA Ads GPT is built on top of the existing platforms, and some of the commands provided will be similar.

Features and commands

ACA Ads GPT is a powerful tool to create ACA ads, it has access to a vast dataset of ACA knowledge and offers a variety of commands to create ads quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the featured commands that can be used with ACA Ads GPT:

  • Create Ad': This command is used to create a new ACA ad. You can use it to customize the ad's text, image, and other features. Here's an example prompt to use this command: "Create Ad: 'Make your ACA ad stand out with eye-catching text and compelling images. The ACA Ads GPT is here to help you create the perfect ACA ad for your business'."
  • Categories: ACA Ads GPT has pre-built categories of ACA knowledge to choose from, you can use this command to specify the category of your ad. Here's an example prompt: "Categories: 'Healthcare Insurance'".
  • styling: ACA Ads GPT offers a variety of styling options to make sure your ad looks professional and appealing. You can use the 'styling' command to specify your preferred font, color, and other design elements. Here's an example prompt: "styling: 'Helvetica', 'blue', '#1E90FF'".
  • Image: This command is used to upload an image to your ad. Here's an example prompt: "Image: '/path/to/image/file.jpg'".

Example prompts

Here are some example prompts you can use with ACA Ads GPT:

  1. "Create Ad: 'Looking for affordable ACA coverage? The ACA Ads GPT is here to help you create the perfect ad for your business. It includes pre-built categories and customizable styling to make your ad stand out.'".

  2. "Categories: 'Healthcare Insurance'".

  3. "styling: 'Helvetica', 'blue', '#1E90FF'".

  4. "Image: '/path/to/image/file.jpg'".

It's important to note that ACA Ads GPT is a custom GPT and the commands might be different from what you've seen in other platforms.

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