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Guide of Fate


Get your luck boosted with images! Guide of Fate is here to help you uncover your daily fortune and lucky items. From horoscope readings to pulling omikuji, this app will guide you through your destiny. And the best part? It automatically creates images for you. Let the Guide of Fate be your companion in navigating the mysteries of fate. Trust in its guidance and see what adventures await you!

Learn how to use Guide of Fate effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "今日の運勢は?"
  2. Prompt 2: "今日のラッキーアイテムは?"
  3. Prompt 3: "星座占い"
  4. Prompt 4: "おみくじを引く"

Features and commands

  1. Find today's fortune: To know your fortune for the day, you can use the command "今日の運勢は?". The app will provide you with a personalized fortune reading based on your input.

  2. Discover your lucky item: If you're curious about your lucky item for the day, simply ask "今日のラッキーアイテムは?". The app will provide you with a suggestion to enhance your luck.

  3. Get your horoscope: To get your horoscope based on your zodiac sign, you can use the command "星座占い". The app will generate a horoscope reading tailored to your zodiac sign.

  4. Draw a fortune slip: If you want to draw an omikuji (fortune slip), you can use the command "おみくじを引く". The app will generate a virtual fortune slip with a message to provide insights into your future.

Please note that this app also generates accompanying images related to your fortune. Enjoy your interactions and let fate guide you!

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