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Investment Master

Expert on diverse investment strategies

Investment Master is your go-to app for expert advice and strategies on diverse investment options. Whether you're curious about Warren Buffett's investment strategy, Peter Lynch's approach, or Benjamin Graham's principles, this app has got you covered. With access to knowledge and insights from various investment masters, it provides valuable information on common diversification strategies. So, why wait? Start your journey towards financial success today with Investment Master!

Learn how to use Investment Master effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "What is Warren Buffett's investment strategy?"

  2. Prompt 2: "How does Peter Lynch approach investing?"

  3. Prompt 3: "Can you explain Benjamin Graham's principles?"

  4. Prompt 4: "What are some common diversification strategies?"


  1. visit web page: This command allows you to input a URL and retrieve the web page content. It can also return a comprehensible summary of the web page.

  2. access real-time content: This command allows you to access real-time content on a web page.

Note: The above commands are part of the plugins_prototype tool.

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