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Website Builder

Generate websites for businesses in Chat, presentations, finance, charts, diagrams, document,pdf.

With the InstaSite plugin, you can easily create a professional landing page for your project. Whether you need a simple presentation or want to showcase your services, just ask and you'll get a one-page website in no time. Before making the plugin call, gather specific details from the user like the target audience, key services, and unique selling points. If the user can't provide clear answers, don't worry! You can come up with fitting content. Once you receive the API response, you can share the link to the landing page and even give the user the option to edit the page in a new tab. Get ready to impress with your stunning landing page!

Learn how to use InstaSite effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Create a landing page"
  2. Prompt 2: "I need a landing page for my business"
  3. Prompt 3: "Show me examples of landing pages"
  4. Prompt 4: "Design a landing page for my app"
  5. Prompt 5: "Can you help me create a landing page?"

Features and commands

send_blocks_dataSend blocks data to create a landing page. Use this command to generate the HTML code for the landing page based on the provided blocks data.
get_block_structureGet block structure for a landing page. Use this command to retrieve the block structure of a landing page.
get_GuidelinesGet landing page design guidelines. Use this command to get guidelines on how to design a landing page. The guidelines will provide instructions on how to create a landing page that follows the specified design style.

Usage Tips

  • Before using the plugin, ask the user to provide additional information about the landing page, such as the target audience, services provided, and unique proposition. This will help in creating a landing page that fits the user's requirements.
  • If the user does not provide a clear answer or wants a random landing page, you can come up with content that would best suit their needs.
  • After receiving the answer, briefly layout the key assumptions to the user and immediately call the plugin to create the landing page.
  • When interpreting the API response:
    1. Provide a link to open the landing page in a new tab, so the user can view it.
    2. Provide a link to open the landing page in admin mode in a new tab, so the user can edit the landing page.
    3. Display any additional information related to the landing page.
  • If an error message is included in the API response, fix the request according to the error description and resubmit it. No need to show error messages to the user, simply provide a description of the fix.


User authenticationNo user authentication
API documentation

For AI

Description## When to Use This Plugin This Plugin can create one-page websites and landing pages. You should use this plugin when people want to create a landing page. Examples of user prompts in which you should use this plugin: "Create a landing page" "I need a website..." "Show me a landing page." After receiving such a request, call the guidelines endpoint, get instructions and follow them. ## Handling error messages from the API response - If an error message is included in the response: fix the request and resubmit it according to the error description, no need to show comments to the user and make a description.


First added19 July 2023

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