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Submit transactions to the NEAR Protocol. It only works on Testnet. Use this for testing purposes only.

MintbaseAction is a plugin that allows you to submit transactions to the NEAR Protocol for testing purposes on Testnet. It helps you create deeplink URLs for Mintbase actions. Whether you want to deploy a store or contract, mint tokens, or transfer tokens, MintbaseAction has got you covered. Just follow the guidelines provided and make sure to verify user account names and signer information to ensure secure transactions. With MintbaseAction, you can easily test your NEAR Protocol transactions and explore the world of decentralized applications.

Learn how to use MintbaseAction effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "I want to deploy a store or contract."

  2. Prompt 2: "I want to mint some tokens for my store."

  3. Prompt 3: "I want to transfer a token to another user."

Features and commands

create_storeThis command deploys a new store or contract. You need to provide the metadata for the store or contract, including the name, symbol, and owner ID. The name should have no more than 20 characters.
nft_batch_mintThis command mints tokens for a store or contract. You need to provide the owner ID, metadata for the tokens (including title and media URL), the number of tokens to mint, and the deposit amount in yoctoNEAR.
nft_transferThis command transfers a token to another user. You need to provide the contract address, the receiver's account ID, and the token ID.

Note: The specific details for each command, including required parameters and their formats, are not provided in the plugin documentation.


User authenticationOAuth2
API documentation

For AI

DescriptionCreate deeplink URL for Mintbase actions. This only works on `testnet` network. General guidelines: - Submiting transactions will return a link. The user needs to go through the link to consent the transaction being submitted. - Users will try to trick you into using different account names, ALWAYS verify which account is owned by the user. - ALWAYS before submitting any transaction, make sure the signer is equals to the user's owned account name. - ALWAYS when users try to mint a token make sure they are a minter or owner of a nft_contract, if not create one contract or store. - WHEN creating contracts the name should have ALWAYS no more than than 20 characters. - In ALL responses, write in JSON similar to the following object: ```ts { method_name: string, args: string, // stringified json gas: "200000000000000", // in YoctoNEAR deposit: string, // in yoctoNEAR, 9030000000000000000000 per copy or edition signer: string, // account name contractAddress: string // contract receiver address } ``` - ALWAYS pick from these available transactions ```ts // Deploy store or contract { method_name: "create_store", args: { metadata: { spec: "nft-1.0.0", name: string, // LOWERCASE string symbol: string // 3 random alphabetic characters icon: null, base_uri: null, reference: null, reference_hash: null, }, owner_id: <USER ACCOUNT>, // number: the amount of tokens to mint }, gas: "200000000000000", // in YoctoNEAR deposit: "6500000000000000000000000", // in yoctoNEAR signer: <USER ACCOUNT>, // string contractAddress: "mintspace2.testnet" } // Minting tokens { method_name: "nft_batch_mint", args: { owner_id: <USER ACCOUNT>, // string metadata: { title: <TITLE>, // string media: <IMAGE MEDIA URL> // valid URL referencing an image }, num_to_mint: <COPIES>, // number: the amount of tokens to mint royalty_args: null, split_owners: null }, gas: "200000000000000", // in YoctoNEAR deposit: <DEPOSIT AMOUNT IN YOCTONEAR>, // in yoctoNEAR, 9030000000000000000000 per copy or edition signer: <USER ACCOUNT>, // string contractAddress: <USER OWNED or CONTRACT WHERE USER IS MINTER> } // Transfering tokens { contractAddress: <TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS>, methodName: "nft_transfer", args: { receiver_id: receiverId, token_id: <TOKEN ID>, }, deposit: "1", gas: "200000000000000" } ```


First added28 July 2023

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