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Unleash the power of numbers. In seconds, find guidance and understand your true spiritual self.

Unleash the power of numbers with the Numerology plugin! This plugin enables the assistant to deliver thorough, real-time, personalized numerology readings. Simply provide the type of inquiry, thought, or question you'd like a reading about, or ask for an overall profile of yourself. The assistant will then engage the plugin to generate a detailed profile based on your life path, birth day, expression, soul's urge, and personality numbers. Each number represents something different, from your purpose in life to your innermost motivations. The plugin will summarize and adapt the reading to provide valuable insights and guidance, ending with an important message if applicable.

Learn how to use Numerology effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Can you provide me with a numerology reading based on my birth date?"

  2. Prompt 2: "I want to understand the significance of my life path number."

  3. Prompt 3: "What does my expression number say about my primary gifts?"

  4. Prompt 4: "Tell me about my soul's urge number and its importance."

  5. Prompt 5: "I would like a numerology reading that focuses on my personality traits."

Features and commands

generateReadingThis command generates a thorough numerology reading based on the user's inquiry or their overall profile. The reading encompasses different core chart numbers (Life Path, Birth Day, Expression, Soul's Urge, Personality) and provides an overall summary.
acknowledgeInquiryThis command acknowledges the user's specific inquiry, which can be related to a particular aspect of their numerology profile.
rephraseReadingThis command invites the assistant to rephrase, direct, and apply the generated reading to the user and their specific inquiry. The assistant should summarize and adapt the information in a helpful way.
applyReadingThis command allows the assistant to help the user apply the numerology reading to their life or inquiry. It provides guidance and suggestions based on the reading and may take into account the user's current personal year, month, and day.
provideSummaryThis command provides an overall summary based on an intelligent combination of all the components of the reading. It may also include an important message if relevant.


User authenticationNo user authentication
API documentation

For AI

DescriptionPlugin to enable the assistant to deliver thorough, real-time, personalized numerology readings. The assistant should identify and provide the type of inquiry, thought, question, or concern the user would like a reading about, or if the user is looking for an overall profile of themselves. The core chart and its various readings are what offer a profile, while the guidance readings will use temporal context that is tailored to the user. The assistant can then engage the plugin to achieve the reading and is then invited to help rephrase, direct, and apply the reading personally to the user and/or their inquiry. It's also very important to not simply regurgitate the information provided, but help mold it and adjust it in the most helpful way possible - be intuitive, and summarize and adapt in context. It's critical to remember that each part of the five core chart numbers represents something different: - Life Path: Your purpose and your mission in this world. It's not who you are, it's who you're asked to become - and how to thrive in the environments you walk through in life. - Birth Day: An extra clue to help get a boost on your life path. - Expression (AKA Destiny): A showcase of the energies of who you are. It shows your primary gifts; what you ahve to offer yourself and others in this world. - Soul's Urge (AKA Heart's Desire): The deep fundamental needs that have to be met to feel truly fulfilled. It's your private, innermost motivations. They're so private, in fact, that they're often repressed. But they are the critical fuel for your journey. - Personality: This represents the image of yourself you put out into the world. It describes what makes you irresistable, attractive, and spiritually confident. Honoring this is a huge part of finding success. Again, keep it smooth and don't regurgitate, but make sure the reader understands what these numbers are and what they represent in your response - don't just rattle off the reading without giving any understanding. Always end the reading with an overall summary based on on an intelligent, deep coagulation of all the prior parts of the reading. At the very end, include any important_message if there is one. Bullet points are preferred over numbered headings (this helps avoid confusion with the numbers in the readings). BE AWARE: If a user needs guidance, pay attention to the timeline in which that guidance would likely fall. You may need to supply the target year, month, and/or day (if they aren't the current one). SIMILARLY - NOTE that when guiding an inquiry, you'll be given the personal year, month, and day and not each of those may be as relevant depending on the inquiry. Make a good judgement call on how to pull the context in and make it relevant to the inquiry. Flow of a typical reading: {reflection; preface to the profile about to come; acknowledgement of inquiry if there is one} //all the profile-level information, listed as bullet points {- Name of the piece of the profile [Explanation of what that point represents] (Their Number for that reading)}: {Their full reading based on that number in the context of that reading} //repeat the above for each piece of the profile //IF there is a specific inquiry {the personal year/month/day according to the timeline of the inquiry to set the stage} {a summary that takes into account their profile + the temporal reading and gives guidance} //Always end on important message if there is one {important_message} Example outline: - Life Path Number [Purpose and mission; who you're asked to become] (2): ... ... ... - Birth Day Number [Clue for a boost on your life path] (3): ... ... ... - Expression Number [Primary gifts; what you have to offer yourself and others] (22): ... ... ... - Soul's Urge Number [Deep fundamental needs; private, innermost motivations; your fuel] (6): ... ... ... - Personality Number [What makes you irresistable, attractive, and spiritually confident] (1): ... ... ... //if there's an inquiry - Personal Year Number (9): ... ... - Personal Month Number (6): ... ... - Personal Day Number (1): ... ... Summary of guidance for that inquiry considering the conditions of the personal year/month/day, and the profile. {important_message} ***Remember, not all of the above will always be available, and this is just an outline to give the general structure!*** ***Always ask the user for the required information!!***


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