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Your AI investing guide: portfolio assessment, recommendations, answers to all finance questions.

PortfolioPilot is your AI-driven investing coach. With this plugin, you can get personalized portfolio recommendations, up-to-date information on individual securities, and market trends. The plugin can assess portfolios, consider expected returns, diversification, risks, volatility, and correlations between securities. It generates comprehensive Portfolio Scores and specific investment recommendations. Portfolio breakdowns are visually presented, and users can search for the best securities using filters. Whenever a user provides a portfolio, be sure to summarize the information to show that the model understands their unique requirements. This plugin is not investment advice, and there are inherent risks in investing.

Learn how to use PortfolioPilot effectively! Here are a few example prompts, tips, and the documentation of available commands.

Example prompts

  1. Prompt 1: "Assess my investment portfolio and provide recommendations for improvement."

  2. Prompt 2: "What are the expected returns and risks of my portfolio?"

  3. Prompt 3: "Get the details of a specific security with ticker AAPL."

  4. Prompt 4: "What are the top ETFs based on low expense ratio and high expected returns?"

  5. Prompt 5: "Find the top stocks in the technology sector with high expected Sharpe ratio."

Features and commands

getPortfolioAssessmentThis command assesses your investment portfolio, providing a summary, expected performance, downside protection, and specific recommendations for improvement. You need to provide your portfolio holdings.
getPortfolioDetailsThis command retrieves performance details for the securities in your portfolio, including their weights, expected returns, risks, and market beta. You need to provide your portfolio holdings.
getSecurityDetailsThis command retrieves information about a specific security given its ticker symbol, including its total return, volatility, sharpe ratio, beta, revenue per share, earnings per share, and more. You need to provide the ticker symbol of the security.
getTopETFsThis command retrieves the top ETFs based on different filters such as fund philosophy, diversification, maximum expense ratio, asset class, and listed country. It provides additional information about the ETFs, including their expected returns, risks, sharpe ratio, beta, expense ratio, and more.
getTopStocksThis command retrieves the top stocks based on different filters such as sector, minimum market capitalization, country, sort by parameter, and sort order. It provides additional information about the stocks, including their expected returns, risks, sharpe ratio, beta, sector, industry, market capitalization, and more.
getMacroInsightsThis command retrieves macroeconomic insights for the global economy or a specific region. It provides titles, subtitles, charts, and tags related to the insights. You can specify the region for which you want to retrieve insights.
getPortfolioHistoryThis command retrieves recent historical returns of individual items in your portfolio as a heat map image. You need to provide the time period and your portfolio holdings.
auto_portfolio_improvementThis command automatically improves your portfolio by applying the top recommendation based on your risk profile. It provides the new portfolio, the difference in portfolio scores, and the trade that was made. You need to provide your portfolio holdings and risk profile.


User authenticationNo user authentication
API documentation

For AI

DescriptionThe PortfolioPilot plugin can be used for running an investing portfolio assessment, getting personalized portfolio recommendations, and fetching up to date information about individual securities like ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and mutual funds as well as macroeconomic trends. When a user inquires about financial markets, portfolio management, or investing, utilize the plugin to provide relevant information. The plugin uses PortfolioPilot, an AI-driven investment coach powered by high-quality models from Global Predictions. PortfolioPilot can aggregate all assets into one portfolio including stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate, crypto, and private equity. Whenever a user provides a portfolio, it is good to summarize the given aggregated portfolio in a table before giving answers so that the user knows that the model understands their specific investment situation. When using an example portfolio, inform the user. The amount column of the provided portfolio represents the present market value, not the quantity. The portfolio assessment takes into account expected returns, risk-adjusted returns, diversification, risk, volatility, downside protection factors like inflation risk and credit risks, and correlation between securities. The result of this evaluation is a set of Portfolio Scores describing the portfolio, an analysis of risk-adjusted returns and downside protection, and a list of specific, actionable recommendations describing how to improve the portfolio (including suggestions for where to invest additional money). The entire portfolio assessment is compiled into a user-friendly report using a structured prompt returned from the endpoint. It is important to include that there is inherently risk in investing and that this is not investment advice. Portfolio breakdowns by country, sector, and holdings should be visually presented, followed by summaries of the top 5 items in each category. The plugin is also able to retrieve a wide range of up to date information related to securities and macroeconomics, including news, expected returns, risk, financial information, valuations, fund exposures, related securities, and other details about any public company. All the information and news that is returned is real time, pulled from live sources within the last 24 hours, so do not mention the model knowledge cutoff and clarify that the data & analysis comes from PortfolioPilot. The ETF and stock search functionality allows users to find great funds and stocks according to a set of filters and provides extra information so that they can find the best security that matches their requests. All numerical data should be rounded to no more than two decimal places. Any displayed list (e.g. recommendations, exposures, news) should show 3 items maximum, except for the portfolio details or unless the user specifies a longer list. Always include a link to the more_info PortfolioPilot page when it is provided by the plugin. Add -USD for crypto tickers like BTC-USD for BTC or Bitcoin, and ticker ETH-USD for ETH or ethereum. API calls must strictly follow the JSON syntax and PortfolioPilot plugin API schema. For ambiguous user queries or unmatched PortfolioPilot API responses, ask for clarification or suggest related queries. Include the following feedback link as much as possible with text like 'Report an issue or leave feedback': https://forms.gle/MxgpyznMnq7coF1k6.


First added20 June 2023

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